Chocolate Cookies Fresh Baked from Foodie Amor

Chocolate Cookies Fresh Baked from Foodie Amor

Foodie Amor a healthy and decadent bakery.  

We’d say It’s true love!

From the moment you step in Foodie Amor you can feel the love!  Their sweet staff and charming owner Christine Miller are not only great hosts but they absolutely adore what they do. Their love of food and their craft is represented in the care they take with their ingredients and their knowledge of the product. Miller has always loved food and grew up on a farm in the San Joaquin Valley where she was taught the importance of consuming whole foods and using quality ingredients. In the beginning she would create cookies as gifts for friends and family. This was of course an instant hit and they demanded that she start a business to bring her talent to the world. She always considered herself a “Foodie”, so the name came naturally, “Foodie Amor, I translate to, (for the love of food), and because of that I decided that it would make a lovely name for a cookie company,” exclaimed Miller.

What really makes Foodie Amor stand out, in addition to the melt in your mouth treats, is their commitment to keeping it natural and high quality. There are dozens of bakeries in the area but none of them have the same commitment to being all natural. Her cookies are dyed with plant coloring, for instance the St. Patty’s day cookie color is made with concentrated spinach juice!

Miller is not just a shop owner, she is an integral part of the community.  One thing she loves about owning a shop in Leucadia are her customers and neighbors.  “I love all of the businesses in my area, our products complement each other and we all help each other out.” Her cookies are not only sold at Foddie Amor, you can pick them up at Cafe Ipe, Seaside Market and she is in all of the San Diego and Orange County Nordstroms. Her creativity and visions led her to participate in community events such as the Lima Bean Festival and the Taste of Leucadia. In the Lima Bean Festival she won her first place for her dark chocolate cake crafted out of black beans and topped with chocolate ganache.  She won Battle of the Beans as well as the people’s choice award.

You might be wondering, what their signature cookie is?  Their shortbread is the signature but a high recommendation from head chef and owner Miller is the flourless chocolate cookie.  This cookie is rich, delicious and good for you!  Good for you and rich cookie do not usually go in the same sentence together, but with only 100 calories, an egg white base and all natural whole ingredients it honestly doesn’t get any better than the Foodie Amor flourless chocolate cookie!

They are also expanding and take special orders for larger parties and they are starting a new service called Healthy Meals To Go. If her savory dishes are as delectable as her sweets we are all in for a treat! Healthy Meals To Go is not fully up and running yet but the concept will be a great addition to Leucadia.  These are pre-made healthy meals, you go online, browse their selection of proteins, starches and vegetables and pick your meals based on the perfect combination of these three choices. Prices are $8-10 per meal and the calorie count is always under $450. These meals can be delivered or picked up.

Most of all Christine wants to educate the public on eating natural and healthful foods. Of course one might think that cookies are not healthful but she also promotes eating everything in proportion. “We are always going to eat treats, that is a given, but the best choice is the natural choice. You should always eat the best when you indulge in sweets.”

Next time you have a sweet craving or you simply want to see someone who is truly good at all aspects of their craft head to Foodie Amor at 918 N. Coast Hwy 101 in the heart of Leucadia. If you would like to call for special orders give Christine a ring at 760-633-3361.

Foodie Amor Owner Christine Miller with her Lima Bean Festival Awards!

Foodie Amor Owner Christine Miller with her Lima Bean Festival Awards!



Debe Hersey and Sandy Guy-Willoughby, the co-owners of Cheeky Sh’iki Salon, infuse art into every aspect of their work and community service.  Debe Hersey is a long time Leucadia resident and completely embodies the artistic soul of the district. Her salon is decorated with the most beautiful silk paintings, creative Cheeky Sh’iki homemade postcards and the outside of the shop is tastefully adorned with murals, plant life and of course their mascot, the Cheeky Sh’iki.  Both Debe and Sandy are hair artists. Although that may seem like an interesting statement, they express their creativity through styling hair.  The art of styling hair requires, precision, artistic vision and the ability to think outside the box.

Their small three-chair salon is a work of art. It is impossible to soak up all of the amazing images adorning the walls. Impressively all of this art was created by Debe. In addition to styling hair she is a talented silk artist. She has an art studio called Art Whimsy and as a gift to her community she creates an Arts Alive Banner for the annual auction. She has participated in the Arts Alive Banner Project for the last six years and she has also had her work shown at Encinitas City Hall and has been an artist at the Leucadia Art Walk. You can find her banner here, it’s number 87, on the Arts Alive Website.

Cheeky Sh’ iki opened their doors in January of 2006. They are located in the heart of Leucadia at 636 N. Coast Hwy 101. You are probably wondering why the salon is named Cheeky Sh’ iki.  To be honest, before I sat down with Debe I had no idea either!  Once the story of the salon unfolded and I got to know the creative and talented women who own Cheeky Sh’ iki I completely understood.  Outside the salon they have a T’ iki mascot, and she is named the Cheeky Sh’ iki.  Why cheeky? Why a Sh’ iki instead of a T’ iki?  Well you see this T’ iki is definitely a woman!  She has big red lips, is adorned with flowers and has a teensy bikini painted on her. At first Debe and Sandy didn’t even realize that they had transformed the T’ iki into a Sh’ iki until Debe’s husband pointed out that their mascot was clearly a woman!  The rest is history, and the Cheeky Sh’ iki is not only their namesake, but it is also a symbol of their creativity and playfulness. As Debe put it, “People always get a giggle or a smile from the salon name, and you can’t help but grin at our mascot, the Sh’iki, out in front!”

After walking away from Cheeky Sh’iki, I couldn’t help but smile. These women know how to run a business and make it fun! Just like Debe said, “We do hair and we have fun! We want our clients to feel as though they are part of our little family, which by the way includes our third stylist Kimberly Bales-Yergens who joined us last year in August.”  Since Debe, Sandy and Kimberley are all artists in their own way, they do get creative in their expression of appreciation for their clients by sending out fun themed holiday post cards every year. In their store they have  every card on display and they are amazing!  Debe said, “ Clients are always surprised and really look forward to seeing what silly, crazy, fun cards we come up with!”  Be sure to make a stop at Cheeky Sh’ iki to see these amazing postcards in their art adorned shop and meet the fun and creative women of Cheeky Sh’ iki. To contact Cheeky Sh’ iki please visit their Facebook page or give them a call  Debe: 760-436-5866 Sandy: 760-942-3737 Kimberly: 760-859-7224

This article was written by the L101 Social Media Coordinator Carris Rhodes